The Photographer: A Proud Filipina

Hi, Im Megan Concepcion, born and raised from the City of Golden Frienship, Cagayan de Oro City, in the country of sun and smiles, The Philippines. My first love is music! I am a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of my own band called PAID and I have been passionate about music when kids my age were still watching cartoons.

So this is me in my element ❤

My passion for photography is birthed from my love for travelling. As a kid, my ultimate dream was to travel the world before I die and as I was able to go to places, there was this deep longing to capture scenes and views that completely blew my mind. When I finally first bought my own point and shoot camera back in 2007, I didn’t have any idea about it and spent hours and hours reading the manual guide until I understood how to use the manual mode. Three months after, I got my first wedding shoot for a couple from Quatar, using my trusty point and shoot camera. It was a challenging and fulfilling adventure with a couple of shoots here and there, exploring and shooting what captivated my vision before I finally was able to by my first Nikon Dslr. Fast forward, in 2010 I decided to make this passion as my bread and butter. Little did I know that this passion is something that would help me fulfill my dreams. In 2011, I had my first out of the country trip and pre-wedding shoot for a couple based in Singapore. In 2013, I had my first destination wedding in San Francisco and a destination pre-wedding shoot in New York, then 2014 I had a wedding in Melbourne, Australia and a number of shoots in Sydney. Then recently I had my first wedding in Europe, specifically in Oslo, Norway. It has been overwhelming and it gives me joy thinking about it. Im looking forward to more trips, more foreign places to discover, more relationships to give memories to, more love to capture and more beautiful people to meet. I’m still the same girl with big dreams and determination to conquer the world, once place at a time. See you wherever you are!

Xoxo, Megan


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  1. Pricing for a wedding 10+ hours in April 2021 (Tanya Pillay has suggested you)


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